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Scoble: Apple + Google + Cingular = iReader


Today Scoble’s in Half Moon Bay at Sam’s Chowder House when he spots a geek on the beach with a device he doesn’t recognize.  Being the ubergeek he is, he ran down the beach and finds an Apple exec trying to hide the device.

Turns out it’s an iPhone on steroids that Apple plans to release a couple of months after the iPhone.  Turns out it’s a book reader and an Google rss feed reader / browser all rolled in to one.

Because of some new screen technology, it’s readable in *direct sunlight* – which I can’t do very well on my Sprint phone. It never needs to be turned off.

The Apple exec grabbed it back from Scoble when he stumbled across “Steve Jobs blog”.

Anyway the Scoble blog entry is here.  Leave it to Scoble to stumble on to the summer’s biggest scoop while hanging out at a shoreline seafood restaurant.

On Monday, Scoble will be on CNN with Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke talking about the week’s dismal events in the threats to bloggers saga.

Introducing iPhone

Out of the closet – twitter


picture above from the Statesman article referenced below.

I’m out.  Of the closet.  OK.  I’m a twitter user.

Omar Gallaga, Statesman blogger/writer and Rodolfo Gonzalez, photographer, caught up with me on South Congress last week and outed me as a twitter user in a story on twitter.  Here I am posing for a picture above at Jo’s Coffee.  He calls me “amiable”.  Nice.  He says my hair is “unruly under the hat”.  I should have pushed harder for that haircut from Dorothy last week, darn.

Gallaga mentions Robert Scoble’s use of twitter at SXSW and it was Scoble on twitter that got me an invite to the Salt Lick for a super barbecue beerfest at SXSW.  It was actually Coté that turned me on to twitter about 2 weeks ago.

Gallaga really hits it on the mark when he talks about how twitter is a “springboard to new creations”.  Today twittervision, which is a mashup of google maps and twitter, introduced “personal twittervision” which lets you post comments while viewing every comment posted on twitter worldwide.



TwitThis for your blog


What is TwitThis?


Click “TwitThis” to try it out and tell your friends about us on Twitter!

TwitThis is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the webpage and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can send this shortened URL and a description of the web page to all of their friends on Twitter.




So I think I’ll install this on this blog and my other blogs:


I’ll let you know how hard or easy this was.  I run on WordPress.

Given the powerful reach of the internet should political campaigns be required to disclose youtube negative ads?  – Pat Buchanon

“let it rest” – Eleanor Clift

“the internet is being transformed into a toilet” – McLaughlin

twitter is exploding like a supernova!


My twitter site has exploded with followers. Over 400.

But twitter itself has exploded like a supernova overnight, going from 600 tracked on twitterholic to 13,000 last night. I’d guess it’s over 15,000 as of this red hot second. I talked with the twitterholic folks and they agreed with me that it’s like dealing with a runaway train. The site itself it under a crushing bandwidth load.

Twitter is great. It’s sms messaging and web messaging all rolled in to one package and it operates like a miniblog. It let’s you know what everyone is doing quickly.

Finally, the promise of real social networking is at hand. The last few days have been changing days in the life of the net.

I’ll have a lot more to say about twitter.

Here’s a blog past from my twitter friend Alex Nesbitt “buena vista” that’s typical of the kind of enthusiam and fervor there is for twitter. Direct quote follows.

1. It’s meant I’ve kept in touch a little more with one of my dear friends I was neglecting. In fact I’ve even seen him more partly because we’re both twittering. Here’s a couple of random examples…

“Dana Power, a computer programmer from Raleigh, N.C., says her brother who lives in Texas introduced her to Twitter so they can stay in touch: ‘I hardly ever corresponded with him, but with Twitter, I can see what he is doing at a given point in his life,’ she says. ‘It makes me feel more connected to him somehow.’”

Leisa tells a nice story about Twitter helped her get to SXSW.

2. I’ve loved watching the community create it’s own ‘rules of engagement’ and I’ve been facinated by all the blog posts I’ve read on this phenomenon; Like David Armano’s at Logic + Emotion. There are thousands more…

3. It’s a cross between IM and a mini blog – you can access it from both PC and mobile terminals so it’s easy and accessible.

4. I control it. I can twitter as often as I like. I can choose who sees me and who I see. Ican be public or secret. I’m a Twit!

5. It’s a growing ecology. Expect mash-ups with google earth and flickr soon. There’s already – expect ‘’!

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention twittervision which is really blowing the lid off everything. It’s television for the twitter age, on a google world map it shows you every tweet from every twitterer in real time. All twits, all the time. Mind boggling, the whole twitter phenomenon.

twitter twittering sxsw on techmeme

Pete Cashmore / Mashable!:

The Evolution of Blogging, Cat Version  —  So blogging has evolved once more, and the talk of the town – or at least the talk of Austin, Texas during the SXSW Conference – is Twitter, that increasingly popular text messaging/blogging service from the makers of Odeo.


Bren / Slacker Manager:

The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Twitter Users  —  Twitter is a deceptively simple utility.  That said, Twitter isn’t for everyone.  In fact it’s probably not even for half of everyone.  But for those that have the patience to find their personal sweet spot, Twitter can be quite good indeed.

Discussion: One By One Media and digg

Chris Brogan /

5 Ways to Use Twitter for Good  —  I’m a big fan of Twitter, and have been using it heavily since the outset.  For those of you not yet using it, Twitter is a communications gateway that asks the question: “What are you doing now?”  Users can answer and hear their friends’ answers via SMS, via IM, or on a webpage.

Ross Mayfield / Ross Mayfield’s Weblog:

Twitter Tips the Tuna  —  On Wednesday, Twitter tipped the tuna.  By that I mean it started peaking.  Adoption amongst the people I know seemed to double immediately, an apparent tipping point.  It hasn’t jumped the shark, and probably won’t until Steven Colbert covers this messaging of the mundane.

Acarvin / Andy Carvin’s Waste of Bandwidth:
Can Twitter Save Lives?

SXSW Baby!


Yahoo! BarTab: Monday, March 12, 6:30–9:30 pm at Light Bar. The big ‘hoo! and what seems like every little company they ever acquired are throwing a bash at the fresh newish club at Congress and Fourth, featuring an open bar, munchies and music by The Little Ones. “After we reach capacity,” they say, “admittance will be determined by Feats of Strength.” We’re pretty sure that’s the name of Andy Baio’s band. Why you’ll wanna go: Ask anyone who was at last year’s Yahoo! party that busted the seams of Iron Cactus. This’ll be the talk of Tuesday. Also, if you’ve written something that uses tags, you might leave with a check.

from SXSW Baby!.

SXSW day parties


Do you want the inside track on parties at SXSW.  “Corky” has the scoop in the following link followed by a brief blurb:

Corcoran in Austin 360

WED: Day | Night THU: Day | Night FRI: Day | Night SAT: Day | Night

It used to be the mantra of the first morning at South by Southwest: “Where are all the cool parties?” Everybody would hit town knowing of one or two soirees where the free booze flowed and the gratis chow was spread out on tables, but they’d have to ask around to get a more complete picture.

Nowadays, the party scene is revealed more than a month before the first Shiner Bock is cracked — and then overrated — by an out-of-towner. Internet sites such as, and collect party info and spread the news, giving readers weeks to get in good with the party hosts, to get that all-important invite.

Here are some of the things we’ve culled from those sites and Many are free and open to the public:

SXSW day parties.


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