Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards rolled in to Scholz Garden, in the shadow of the State Capital, on a hot, blistering 90 plus degree day in downtown Austin, Texas.  Youthful looking, expressive, he gave a clean, crisp speech opposing the war and full of ideals about ending hunger and illiteracy around the world.  He’s determined to bring America back.  And he mentioned that Bush was the only world leader not to commit to cutting back on global warming at last weeks European summit. 

Edwards said, “Here’s an idea. Suppose instead of America spending $500 billion in Iraq, America led an international effort to make primary school education available to 100 million children in the world who have no education whatsoever.” [Applause]

Scholz Garden is a populist playground, a favorite place for liberal politicians like Hightower, like it says in this Austin Chronicle article:

“That’s how Billy Lee Brammer sets the scene in The Gay Place, his true-fiction account of Texas politics and the boozy courtin’ and lawmakin’ that went on under the trees at Scholz Garten (now casually renamed “Garden”) in the Fifties. It was the one place in town where an under-21 Eddie Wilson could score a beer without getting hassled. Scholz was destined for the ever-after indeed. The German-owned gathering place on San Jacinto was the watering hole of choice for every liberal politician, writer, musician, and artist in town.”

I had the chicken fried chicken with a potato double play: German potatoes and fries.  I got close enough to Edwards to get some real good snapshots which you can see here (feel free to reproduce on your blog or website with attribution): (click “slide show” to see them all quickly).  While you view them you might want to play the “rough transcription” of the speech done by News 8 Austin.