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  • At OLPC’s Global Country workshop today, founder Nick Negroponte unveiled the next-gen XO Laptop, and it totally blows the original away. Wow! Dual touch screen!
  • Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen was previously the founding chief technology officer of One Laptop Per Child. Notably Mary Lou invented the laptop’s sunlight-readable display
  • Free Online Video Converter No software to install. No ads to interrupt.
  • @timpatterson picked a digital camera, an inexpensive Fuji FinePix A205, and decided to get back to creating Quicktime VR panoramas for fun and he has a Google Map of all my QTVR locations in Austin!
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  • Yojimbo makes keeping all the small (or even large) bits of information that pour in every day organized and accessible. It’s so simple, there is no learning curve. Yojimbo’s mechanism for collecting, storing and finding information is so natural and
  • One of the best ways to promote your website or business is to work together with others . . . twitter @doshdosh
  • Holy Cow! This is such a cool flickr visualization, a spinning globe that shows whatever tag you pick
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    my favorite twitterware apps


    Twhirl – Twhirl is a popular desktop client based on Adobe AIR so it requires the AIR download. You’ll find AIR useful for other apps also. Twhirl has a lot of cool features including multiple Twitter accounts, connect to Friendfeed, post image to Twitpic, post to Pownce and Jaiku simultaneously, and search using Tweetscan. I use it on my Windows Vista sidebar along with . . .

    AlertThingy! provides a connection to twitter, friendfeed, flickr, tinyurl and allows cross commenting. It’s better than it sounds and is used as a twitter replacement by many who want to make more sense out of twitter and narrow down their focus on specific people and topics.

    TwitterCal – This service allows you to post events from your Google calendar to your Twitter accounts.

    Twitter Digest – This tool allows you to subscribe to a message stream from a Twitter user of a group of users on the web or through an atom feed.

    Summize A Twitter search engine, contender for the top app in this category.

    Flaptor Twitter Search A simple Twitter search engine which generates an rss feed. Also provides trends, comparisons. twitter tags – what people are bookmarking about twitter lately

    TopTweet – This site provides you updates from the top Twitter personalities.

    Twitter100 – Allocates a box to each of the people you follow on a single page and displays their latest tweets.

    Quotably – Shows Twitter user’s conversations in a threaded conversational style making it easier to follow.

    Tweetburner – Tweetburner lets you track what happens with the links you share on Twitter.

    TwitterLocal – This shows you all the tweets on a google map from your local area and generates an RSS Feed of tweets.

    TweetCloud – Let’s you make a tagcloud from a twitter user, also indexes

    Tweetpeek – You can create a group Twitter feed with Tweetpeek.

    Twitku – Mashup of Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce public timelines. You can also post from its interface.

    TwitterNotes – You can create notes on TwitterNotes using Twitter and tagging your notes.

    links for 2008-05-22

    • @roxannedarling Bare Feet Studios LLC is a small, curious, tech-savvy company based in Honolulu, HawaiÊ»i, owned by Roxanne Darling and Shane Robinson. We participate in and advise on New Media and the Social Web to connect people and solve problems.

    links for 2008-05-21

    • Boost your blog community by installing the DISQUS comment system Disqus makes your comments more interactive for readers and easier to manage for you — all while connecting your community with other blogs. “no one needs you” – Leo

    let the good comments roll with diskus!


    I have to admit to being a comment poor blog.  And I’m remiss in not putting akismet and disqus on here sooner.  Tonight akisment gave 32,000 plus spam comments a beating.  They’re gone.  Room now for your comments and disqus should make things a lot more interesting.

    I got turned on to the disqus comment system by Shey Smith on his most excellent blog, and got really motivated to install it when I heard Leo Laporte and Amber Macarthur rolling in the aisles over this on their net@nite podcast broadcast live today.  It helped push me more that Dave Winer, grandaddy of rss and blogs, is using this as well.

    Disqus brings video comments, along with a community of commenters, better comment formatting, and much more.  And the wordpress plugin install was as easy as could be.

    Shey Smiths blog really rocks


    I stumbled across this blog on my friendfeed account a few days ago and it’s been a daily read ever since.


    Today he’s talking about tomorrow’s twit out and friendfeed and social networking.  He’s doing an amazing job on this blog and it’s become a daily read.

    And he turned me on to disqus!

    Disqus was the topic on today’s net@nite with Amber and Leo and at first glance it’s something you don’t need, as Leo observed.  But, on closer examination, it’s a great comment system for blogs that integrates video and ties comments in to social networks.     And best of all, it connects you to a community of blog commentors like Shey Smith.

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