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Scoble in Austin, BBQ?


Just dm’ed Robert Scoble on twitter – he’s @scobleizer – about a possible bbq meet up today or tomorrow.

@rocmanusa and I are going to Austin, TX tomorrow. No partying, just videos. Sigh. BBQ? Gotta fit that into our tight schedule. – Scoble

Iron Works? Salt Lick? County Line on Bee Caves? Artz Rib House?

Silona Bonewald interview at GeekAustin party


Paul Terry Walhus and Kimberlie Dykeman interview folks at the Lynn Bender GeekAustin party on Sept 30, 2008 at the Union Park bar and restaurant on West 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Julie Gomoll of LaunchPad, Silona of the Transparent Federal Budget and Austin Aaron are a few of the people interviewed.  Stay tuned for the entire series of interviews and some commentary on this night and on Lynn Bender’s terrific idea to start a “BarCollege”.  Yes, you heard it right, BarCollege.  It’s an awesome hyper extension of the BarCamp concept that Lynn hopes people will steal.  They should.  It’s an idea whose time has come and one that should spread like the co-working movement.

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