Scoutlelogo You’ll notice another widget in the lower right column of this blog, it’s scoutle and I recommend you check it out and add me as your friend so we can compare notes.  I found this in Louisvillian Tom Osborne’s profilactic mashup this morning.   As far as I can tell, this came out of the Netherlands and it’s designed to be a blog community.

This is where you can find me on Scoutle

I started a blog network for Austin, Texas also.  One member so far, me.

To quote Wicked Pretty, who has quite a following on Scoutle, “I particularly like the animated one, Scoutle. You have a little Scout (who you get to name and give a catchphrase) and he “wanders the internet” looking for people to match to your blog…I don’t really understand how it all works, so if you’re the kind . . . “

Is this the next big thing?  It could get pretty big from what I’ve seen.  If these guys hit it hard and listen to their community they’ve got a great start.

Here’s the description of Scoutle by the creators:

Scoutle is an automated social network for bloggers and functions as an ideal Guide for internet users to find a valuable blog, no matter the language, subject or location.

Scoutle helps you find, promote and connect blogs using an automated rating and matching system. Not only find a blog easily, but also know what a blog is worth and discover similar blogs.
Scoutle searches, matches, validates and values… You only need to find a blog or as a user, make sure your blog is and keeps interesting.