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River of Austin pictures


My cool app for today has to be “flickriver”; it’s well named as it delivers a river of pictures that just keep on going from flickr.

I used their embed badge to create a river of Austin images.  It’s fairly awesome.

View most interesting 'Austin' photos on Flickriver

channeldvorak – not pretty but it’s got all the good stuff


I’ve been twittering for a bit.  I tweeted @dvorak about his great podcasts and columns.  Have you seen  If John get his son Arick to open source this, I’ll use it.  I’m already rocking and rolling with Arick’s other open source project which has something to do with Craigslist.  Sssshhh!

Lyn Bender just sent me a cryptic email about some kind of cryptic event Saturday morning.  If I can talk Dot in to going to Nia Saturday morning and do the ride share thing we might have a go.  It would be nice, Lynn, to have a localtion and maybe a couple of details.

Just got off the skype with rjnagy and he’s still resistant to twitter.  Doesn’t he know this is futile?

We had a great wordpress meetup recently at with Any Skelton or skeltoac everywhere.

While I am typing this I am talking to a delightful Spring rep, Josey, from the Phillipines who just set up my pda phone which I’m going to use for a backup for my iphone.  She was really, really nice.  I wish all support calls were like this!

I’m building a “social network” for Austin, Texas and also working on a green home site.  If you want to beta test or have input on the Austin Social Network, go to and sign up for the beta.  If you’re actually in Austin, Texas we’re going to have some cool events coming up for our beta testers like pizza parties, basketball games, guest speakers, presentations, etc. It’s going to be a hoot!

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