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    • About a year ago I started to feel the peer pressure of the Stream universe. I wrote about the issue of yet-another-stream phenomenon (YASP), stating that: YASP…is that somewhat exciting but ultimately frustrating realization that there is yet another social networking, microblogging, curated, real-time, threaded-conversation service that you might have to join so that you [...]

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    • Today YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen announced they have acquired the Delicious technology from Yahoo!. They plan to continue the service that users have come to know and love and make the site even easier and more fun to save, share and discover the web’s “tastiest” content.

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    • Austin, Texas Social Media Club met at Bazaarvoice on 5/18/10 and asked Melanie Wise @mwise1, Brian Massey, Amy Lemen, and "B" the question "What did you learn at Austin Social Media Clubs session on Social Media and Higher Education?" Brian Massey is well known as the "Conversion Scientist" and Melanie Wise is looking for a marketing position. Hire her!
    • Austin, Texas Social Media Club met at Bazaarvoice on 5/18/10 and asked Melanie Wise @mwise1, Brian Massey, Amy Lemen, and "B" the question "What did you learn at Austin Social Media Clubs session on Social Media and Higher Education?" Brian Massey is well known as the "Conversion Scientist" and Melanie Wise is looking for a marketing position. Hire her!
    • Austin, Texas Social Media Club met at Bazaarvoice on 5/18/10 and asked Melanie Wise @mwise1, Brian Massey, Amy Lemen, and "B" the question "What did you learn at Austin Social Media Clubs session on Social Media and Higher Education?" Brian Massey is well known as the "Conversion Scientist" and Melanie Wise is looking for a marketing position. Hire her!
    • Austin, Texas Social Media Club met at Bazaarvoice on 5/18/10 and asked Melanie Wise @mwise1, Brian Massey, Amy Lemen, and "B" the question "What did you learn at Austin Social Media Clubs session on Social Media and Higher Education?" Brian Massey is well known as the "Conversion Scientist" and Melanie Wise is looking for a marketing position. Hire her!
    • Austin, Texas Social Media Club met at Bazaarvoice on 5/18/10 and asked Melanie Wise @mwise1, Brian Massey, Amy Lemen, and "B" the question "What did you learn at Austin Social Media Clubs session on Social Media and Higher Education?" Brian Massey is well known as the "Conversion Scientist" and Melanie Wise is looking for a marketing position. Hire her!

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    • Grace Sharington,’s first concierge, takes us on a video tour of Texas Coworking, Austin’s downtown coworking place at 200 E 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701. She cruises through the facility showing the front entrance with it’s wall of flat screens, the elevator, the entrance, the concierge desk, the conference room, the patio overlooking the Austin Convention Center (site of SXSW), the commons, the cubes, and the private offices and last but not least the kitchen and break room and the server room.

    TedXatx “rejects” party Ted X Austin (plus reviews)


    TedXATX was the hashtag. The event was a “tedxatx rejects” party following TedXAustin held Saturday, Feb 20, 2010 at Conjunctured Coworking Space in East Austin, Texas. Some of the people seen in the video include
    Sunni Brown who was a major force behind TedX Austin seen chatting with Charles Knickerbocker, Jon Lebkowski organizer of the monster Plutopia event at SXSW and his coworker Maggie Duval, Dusty Regan (who gave the Austin Blogger a heads up via the #tedxatx twitter stream), David Walker, Sherry Lowry, Kristin Moses, webjournalist Mike Melansun of ReadWriteWeb, Cesar Torres, SparkNight’s Shelly Leonard who can plan your “surprise date from start to finish”, Challenge Games Christian Primozich, Paul Terry Walhus (who shot this video) of Texas Coworking and many more.

    If you spot someone we’ve missed be sure to jot something in the comments on this blog post.

    Video by Paul Terry Walhus of Texas Coworking and AustinBlogger.

    Here are some recaps and reviews of the TedXATX event by some of the attendees/viewers:

    N Ducoff

    Jon Lebkowsky on “Weblogsky”

    Community Matters Blog

    Net Impact Austin “Big Ideas”

    #tedxatx TedX Austin talks livestream


    TEDxAustin (at the KLRU-TV, Austin’s PBS Studios): Watch the live stream right here! – Shane

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    • Here’s how Google spins it: What if everyone, from a local expert to a renowned doctor, had an easy way of sharing their insights with you about any page on the web? What if you could add your own insights for others who are passing through? In other words – what if Google can turn everybody into a content producer and then rank and control all that content?
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    Social Media Breakfast Videos


    New Videos from austinblogger

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    Austin Texas folks SXSW panel proposals


    If I missed you, it wasn’t intentional!  Add your panel in the comments if you’re from Austin, Texas

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    Longhorns Fan Day – football and volleyball


    The UT football team and UT Women’s volleyball team showed up for “fan appreciation day” at the University of Texas Greogory Gym, on Sat, Aug 22, 2009. AustinBlogger Paul Terry Walhus meets up with Mack Brown and talks to some nice fans from Waco while waiting in line with 2,000 plus other fans. Part 5 of a 5 part video.


    Paul Terry Walhus meets Mack Brown, UT football coach party at Austin 360 Condos


    Door64 had a party at Austin 360 Condos on Thursday, August 20.  It was packed.  It was a $10 cover and 2 drink tickets in a gorgeous setting on the 9th floor where the pool and observation deck are located.  Since it was a hot, steamy Austin night and there was a “no drinks” sign at the entrance to the pool, most people crowded into the long, narrow inside space where it was cool.  It’s quite the luxury condo, with a mini movie theater at one end of the space and a bar at the other end.  Matt Genovese, how did you swing such a cool venue? By the way, you don’t need pronounce the e at the end of Matt’s last name.

    We weren’t able to interview much because of the noise level, so it’s mostly just pictures of people at the event.  Maybe you can spot yourself if you were there. It was a great networking event, I ran in to Heather Havenwood, who did my SXSW interviews, and Meg Strout who was acompanied by a power auto seller Aaron Smith with Motorphilia, and Conversion Scientist Brian Massey to name a few.   I told Meg to check out Aardvark, because she asked me what was hot right now and I just had a foray in to this new “ask your social network” app yesterday. 

    You can also see this video on Metacafe, and Veoh and I encourage you to rate it up and review it if you like it.  And if you’re in the video, drop me a note and I’ll include you in the blog post, (note at how many minutes in to the video you appear).

    Watch – Austin, TX ( video) in News Online | View More Free Videos Online at

    Conjunctured First Anniversary Party Video


    Conjunctured Co-Working, 1309 E 7th Street, Austin, TX celebrated their first anniversary with a party on Saturday, August 14, 2009. This is the video taken by @springnet at the party, it’s about 38 minutes long and their are shorter versions available on youtube, metacafe, etc.

    You can also see this full video on MySpace, Metacafe, and Veoh

    Or you can see shorter episodes at YouTube, Yahoo, MySpace, Metacafe, DailyMotion, and Veoh

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    Software Advice has landed in Austin


    Software Advice just moved to Austin! They’re celebrating by throwing their 1st Annual Summer Bash.

    What:        Free hors d’oerves and beer from Independence Brewing Co.
    When:       6:00 P.M. on Thursday, August 13th
    Where:      714 Congress Avenue, Suite 200 (upstairs)

    They’re eager to meet Austin’s press, bloggers, technocrats and party people.

    Software Advice Relocates to Austin

    Chris Thorman looks foward to meeting you!

    Chris Thorman
    Software Advice
    (512) 364-0118

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    drupal group in Austin


    Guadalupe and Dean Keeton
    Austin, TX 78705

    How to find us
    “Go to corner of Guadalupe and Dean Keeton & look for ACT Lab”

    Who’s coming?
    19 Yes / 5 Maybe

    Who’s organizing?

    Elegant Functionality Requires More Than Hacking Bluemarine

    One of the greatest benefits of a Content Management System like Drupal, is the ability to separate the visual presentation (Theme) layer from the site logic. This is accomplished by placing your theme files in site/all/themes. The rest is up to your abilities to write & edit PHP template files, use hooks, and customize CSS for use in customizing the presentation of your site. The callbacks may seem a bit labyrinthine, but by making a sub-theme you can get well on your way.

    Sound tough? It is not.

    Come out next Month to learn how to get started! Lauren N. Roth will be giving short presentation to get you going and recommends bringing a Localhost installation on your own computer. Even if you are an experienced Drupal developer, write modules, and have been pimping out sites for years, let’s get together, discuss best practices and demystify the design process. If you write modules, some themer needs to handle your output after they enable your module, so it would be fantastic to build a little elegance into the module itself!

    Come out, ask questions, share your experiences and help others make some amazing Drupal sites!
    In the meantime, go to

    Watch Great Tutorials:
    Learn By The Drop

    Listen to Lullabot Podcasts:
    Like this one Overriding Theme Functions

    Download the Toolbox:
    Ultimate Drupal Toolbox

    Read the Theming Guide:
    Theming Guide

    Check Out These Books:

    Pro Drupal Development – Chapter 8 The Theme System
    Learning Drupal 6 Module Development – Chapter 3 The Theme System
    Using Drupal – Chapter 11 Theming Your Site

    See you then!

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    • "Incoming!" can operate over Edge, 3G, and WiFi. It works by re-routing the call through the internet, converting your outgoing calls into incoming calls. You can connect other phones together, pick who's phone will ring first, or if you want everyone's phone to ring at the same time. You can also do instant 9-way conference calling on your iPhone making business meetings on the go a snap! Features include a visual favourites list, visual call history, built-in address book, and support for both PC and Mac.

    Facebook shifting it’s focus


    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO, gives his dad, who is a dentist, business advice and shares with us how Facebook is shifting its…

    And while we’re on the subject of facebook . . .

    Soon you will be able to have a username
    Starting on Friday, June 12th, at 11:01pm, you’ll be able to choose a username for your Facebook account to easily direct friends, family, and coworkers to your profile.
    Check out the Facebook Blog for more information or send yourself an email with the details.

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    Can I fist pump you my social networks?


    During the week of May 24 through May 31st, The Spring, BHI, and RegistrationAssistant are hosting a visitor from the Netherlands, Paul Geurts of He is bringing the first prototypes of a social networking and business card connector to Austin, Texas.  If you’re around Austin next week and want a demo, call Paul at 512–699–4000 or email terry at spring dot net.


    My Name is E

    The E device can be used at conventions, trade shows, and meetings, in metropolitian areas like Austin and on college campuses like the University of Texas.  There are over 1.2 million conventions, trade shows and events in the US every year.

    What is the E device? In its current incarnation, E is small white, sleek looking device much like an ipod nano or USB storage device. With E, you can share your contact information and social networks in one simple gesture.

    Connector allows you to safely transfer an online business card and your set of social networks in a simple gesture like a fist pump or a high five. Tap two Connectors together and you’re connected. Synchonize Connector by using the built-in USB plug with your PC or Mac. It is ideal for networking at large events and conferences.

    During the week that Paul Geurts is visiting Austin, we will be meeting with venture investors, potential partners, customers and forming a team to distribute and promote E throught the US and North America.

    There is no setup with connector, it can be used immediately out of the box. It’s equipped with a lithium polymer battery which allows you to use it for 72 hours on a 2 hour charge. It holds two of your E Business Cards (one for personal and one for professional) and connects to RFID tags as well as other Connectors and iphones. It gives you intuitive feedback through LED lighting.  The RFID tag feature opens it up the world of “choice based advertising” and integrates these connections in to your social network activity stream.  It connects you to objects and to the environment as well as to people.

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    So what’s the deal with Drupal? (panels and party)


    via Lyn Bender and Facebook:

    an evening of Drinks and Drupal

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009
    6:30pm – 10:30pm
    Union Park Austin
    612 W Sixth St. Austin, Texas 78701
    Austin, TX


    Ever since GeekAustin announced the “Introduction to Drupal” workshop, we’ve been getting emails asking: “So what’s the big deal with Drupal?” Sounds like an excuse for a party? Yes!

    We’ll have drinks out front and panels in back. We’ll be bringing in local experts to discuss and debate topics such as: “Why should I use Drupal instead of WordPress?”, “Isn’t theming hard with Drupal?”, and “Why would the city use Plone instead of Drupal?”. Ok, well maybe not the last panel.

    This should be fun. Hope you can make it.


    The Drupal Texas LinkedIn group:
    The Austin Drupal Users facebook group:

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    Twitter Lists, Resources & How-Tos

    Pro Cycling on Twitter: 48 People Who Aren’t Lance Armstrong


    HOW TO: Organize a Successful Tweetup


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    SXSW update, Felicia Day and WordPress


    I’m at the WordPress Users group tonight which is a basic intro session for beginners.  Karen Kreps is here.  Cesar and the Conjunctured Gang is hanging around the front porch.  When I walked up they asked me “have you heard of this thing called a blog?”  . . . they were talking about the meeting but for a second I thought they were alluding to the fact that my updates here have been, slightly, majorly scarce.

    I’d like to say I’ve been busy editing the 200 plus SXSW interviews that our little crew did, but actually Luke Mullen gets all the credit for that.  Luke and I are starting to get in synch with this and he’s on the final lap, which is putting all these videos in to a format we can publish on Itunes for ipods, iphones and desktop high def video.

    I’m particularly fond of the Louis Gray interview (alistapart), Silona Bonewald’s open government series of speakers and the Felicia Day interview:

    Felicia Day (Codex, the Healer)

    …was born in Huntsville, Alabama. She was home-schooled all her life and got her first acting role as Scout in the Huntsville Little Theatre production of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Felicia started college at 16, majoring in violin performance, and then in mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. She has been on television shows such as “Windfall”, “Strong Medicine”, “Monk”, “Love Inc.”, and most notably had a recurring role as Potential slayer Vi on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” She has been in such films as “Bring it on Again”, and the Emmy award-winning “Warm Springs”.

    She recently played the role of “Penny” in Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”, and filmed a 4 episode arc on the upcoming ABC Family sitcom, “Roommates”.
    (IMDB). And in an exclusive bit of news she dropped on AustinBlogger, Felicia said she will be in a pretty major role in and upcoming episode of “Doll House” on ABC television.

    Texas Social Media Awards top 25


    How in the world did I get on the same list as Cali Lewis? I don’t know but it’s amazing to be on a list of the “top 25 Texas Social Networkers” with her and 23 other amazing people. To whoever nominated me, thank you! It’s an honor to be on the same list as all these incredible social networkers.

    The list was pared down from 125 nominees. The actual awards show where all the award winners will get *trophies* is on March 15 from 6 to 9 pm at Ballet Austin, 501 W 3rd St, with tickets going for $15.00.

    These are the Texas Social Media Award Winners.

    They winners are:





    J.R. COHEN





















    It’s a great list and I’m honored to be listed on it.  Michelle Greer has been really helpful to me and I hope I’ve been helpful to her.  She recently had the major role in pulling off the “Twestival” that raised 10 grand for world water causes.    I had the privilege of interviewing Cali Lewis as she breezed in and out of last year’s SXSW.  Below is that interview with Cali.

    Michael Cote made the list, he really was the person that got me going on twitter and his “DrunkandRetired” podcast rocks, it’s the best podcast coming out of Austin, Texas.  Erica O’Grady is super, she really did an awesome job at the recent Mashable event in Austin and the Camp connected with it.  Last summer I got to co-moderate a session with Connie Reece at the SEMforSMB conference and did an hour long video with her on Youtube and all over with her on social networking.   Lani Rosales has given me a lot of great advice and she’s a riot.  I hope to get to know all the other award winners better, they’re an awesome group of people.


    Note – Perry Belcher was cut from the list at the last minute for being a “bad boy”.

    OrgSync social media campaign works!


    AUSTIN, Texas (Feb 11, 2009) — OrgSync, Inc ( is excited to announce its successful campaign to raise $1500 for Charity: Water using social media. On Tuesday, February 3, 2009, OrgSync’s team launched a social media campaign to raise awareness for the importance of clean, safe drinking water around the world. The team of 25 employees used Twitter, Facebook Newsfeeds and their company blog to rally the public behind the cause. OrgSync’s goal was to raise $1500 to donate to Charity: Water during the Austin Twestival event on February 12. Michelle Greer, well known Austin media figure and coordinator for Austin Twestival, says “Big problems like the lack of clean drinking water won’t get solved over night by the few. They will get solved by the many donating in bits and pieces towards a common goal. OrgSync pooled their resources and ended up being one of our top sponsors and I hope more companies follow this approach towards charitable giving.”

    Over 175 cities around the world will be uniting on Thursday, February 12, 2009 to increase awareness and raise money for those in need of clean, safe drinking water. “This is a great cause and an opportunity to unite our Austin community with cities across the world to create social good. As a leader I am passionate about leveraging my understanding of social media to help create awareness and provide people the opportunity to give back,” said Fortenberry.

    The OrgSync team was successful at meeting its goal of raising $1566 in 24 hours and is excited to contribute 100% of it to Charity: Water. Andrew Katz, Director of Community Relations feels, “It’s very important for our team to give back and get involved in the Austin Community. We feel that by being visibly active in the community, we can be positive role models for our students and clients to do the same!” OrgSync’s successful campaign proves how important online communication and networking is for increasing awareness and uniting individuals for a greater good.

    About OrgSync
    OrgSync is a co-curricular management tool that helps colleges and universities communicate more effectively across their entire campus. OrgSync offers a hosted service that provides the tools needed by campuses to easily organize, assess, track, and manage students and student organizations. OrgSync is currently helping over 100 campuses manage their student co-curricular management, leadership development and communication needs. OrgSync is headquartered in Austin, TX with satellite offices in Dallas, TX, Miami, FL, and Tucson, AZ. For more information about OrgSync, visit To schedule an interview with CEO Eric Fortenberry, contact Nicole Andreas at (512) 238-8534 or

    OrgSync, Inc
    Charity: Water
    Austin Twestival
    Related Links
    online communication
    co-curricular management

    worldwide water twestival – Dr Faye interview


    More discussion with Dr DD Faye about the on Feb 12 in Austin and around the world. One in six people worldwide lack adequate drinking water – 1.1 billion people – and and Dr Faye are both part of the solution to providing clean drinking water to the world’s population.

    Water Shortage Worldwide – and Dr Faye from Paul Walhus on Vimeo.

    twestival – helping build wells (Austin Feb 12 and everywhere)


    Live Drill From Ethiopia – September Campaign from charity: water on Vimeo.

    Come to the twestival in Austin and all over the world on Feb 12.

    The big @twestival retweet

    1. Incredible! Canadian music legend @DavidUsher donated the song ‘And So We Run’ to Please donate and download.

    2. We want you to be the judge of the pre roll competition. Tweet your favourite clip to @peterlamotte. Ends in 24hrs

    3. @TwestivalSEA Nice work on the video!

    4. Twitter Groups adding pages for all Twestival cities! Plz tell @1datarecovery what #tag u r using in addition to #twestival

    5. RT @jangles: FIR 420 published. This episode includes a great interview with @amanda about @twestival. [12:00]

    6. You *must* watch this. It is beyond awesome. Great work team @amstwestival

    7. In exactly one week from this moment, the doors of the London Twestival will open. Happy to be announcing a second venue tomorrow.

    8. Cities… do you have a tweet that shows when you first decided to organise a Twestival? We want to include for Live Earth. Thanks!

    9. Amazing presentation put together to explain Twestival : Nice work @sandeepvizedu

    10. Tokyo has one of the largest Twitter communities in the world! Now they have a Twestival. Spread the word :

    11. is on [thanks @DavidMoynihan!] Accepting tracks by artists now.

    12. Twestival tickets now available for Vienna, Reading, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Barcelona, Copenhagen and more…

    13. Very cool @PKGulati is donating $1 for every new Twitter follower he gets over the next week (up to 300) to charity: water.

    14. Dear Twestival organizers, you are amazing. Thinking of starting a Craigslist or something so you can post what you still need contributed.

    15. RT @kanter: Case Foundation blog writes about Twestival

    16. RT: @WarrenAndrew will donate .25¢ for every NEW follower I get on twitter till the end of February to

    17. RT @Pistachio: To the MANY kind souls offering donated items for Twestival. Contact your nearest city organizer

    18. RT @davemorin Bill Gates: “If we improve health, peak population growth will stabilize 1 billion people below current projections.” #TED

    19. @billlublin if you are looking to sponsor, you should get in touch with @melitami who would love to hear from you – thanks!

    20. Whoa, global ticket sales are going nuts right now. Organizers, if you don’t have your Amiando account set up – please email @amanda asap.

    Live Earth and Twestival


    By rallying together globally, under short timescales, for a single aim on the same day, the Twestival hopes to bring awareness to the global water crisis. Live Earth is the global video partner for Twestival events occuring next Thursday, February 12 in more than 185 cities worldwide to benefit charity: water. Scott Harrison of charity: water discusses Twestival below:

    Click here for more on charity: water. For an entertaining, in-depth explanation of Twestival, watch the slideshow below:

    View Twestival videos and submit your own at Find a Twestival near you at Follow Live Earth on Twitter.

    Twestival Schedule – Ace’s, Austin, Feb 12


    Here’s the schedule of events for Twestival 2009 at Ace’s in Austin, TX on Feb 12
    8:00 Meet and mingle
    8:50 A word from sponsors
    9:00 Twestival Sumo Smackdown (see video below)
    10:00 Presentation by Glimmer of Hope, a non-profit that drills wells in Africa
    10:45 Performance by T-Bird and the Breaks, one of Austin’s most highly regarded up-and-coming bands. This 11 piece band won accolades from both ACL’s “Sound and the Jury” Awards as well as the Austin Music Awards. They’ve sold out their past two shows and just released a new album. See video below.

    A donation of just $10 can provide someone in Africa clean drinking water for 12 years. Collectively, we can initiate substantial change for developing nations. Here are are a variety of ways you can make this happen:

    - Get Tickets:
    - Donate: (Select Austin)
    - Update your Facebook and Twitter statuses: Include a link to
    - Sponsor the event: Companies can learn about opportunities here –
    - Donate an item for the silent auction: Email

    Join over 100 cities across the globe and take part in this unprecedented event.

    Twestival set for Feb 12


    Twestival is going to be held around the world on Thursday, March 12.  It is the biggest twitter festival ever and has been set up to support the billion plus people in the world without clean drinking water.  It’s a fundamental cause that needs your support.  The Austin event will be at Ace’s on 6th Street at 8 pm on March 12.

    Twestival resources are downloadable below, for the media and websites to spread the word about the event and charity: water, where all proceeds are being donated.

    Please use the tag #twestival in blogs and other social media, so we can find your posts more easily, which will be tracked on Delicious – head here to see the latest coverage and what global sources are saying

    Contact or @jazcummins for interviews, further quotes, etc.

    Twestival is 100% volunteer organised, but we will try and get back to you as soon as we can.



    Yelp party at Copa Jan 9

    0 is hosting an open party with free drinks, food, and swag. The free drinks are Treaty Oak rum and vodka

    RSVP to

    Features:  pinata, cigar rolling, and salsa lessons.

    8-11pm, Friday Jan. 9


    Free day of dance in Austin and then, Carnaval


    Jan 31 Sat 10:00 AM – After you’ve spent 9 hours practicing dance you’ll be ready for Carnaval the same night.  Why not? Dance all day. Dance all night.

    Location Austin Uptown Dance

    8868 Research Blvd. #706
    Austin, TX 78741
    (512) 459-5678
    (RSVP deadline: January 31, 2009 9:00 AM)

    Who’s organizing? Clarke R

    From Austin Uptown Dance’s site:

    Dance all day, and no pay!

    Bring your friends and tell everyone to join us for a Free Day of Dance! 9 hours and 20 classes of dancing from beginner to advanced. Shout it out in the streets!
    10:00am Two Step 1, Two Step 2
    11:00am Jitterbug Swing 1, Two Step 3
    12:00pm Cha Cha 1, Cha Cha 2
    1:00pm Jitterbug Swing 2, Salsa 2
    2:00pm Salsa 1, Salsa 3
    3:00pm West Coast Swing 1, West Coast Swing 3
    4:00pm Night Club 1, West Coast Swing 2
    5:00pm Tango 1, Tango 2
    6:00pm Waltz 1, Quickstep 1

    River of Austin pictures


    My cool app for today has to be “flickriver”; it’s well named as it delivers a river of pictures that just keep on going from flickr.

    I used their embed badge to create a river of Austin images.  It’s fairly awesome.

    View most interesting 'Austin' photos on Flickriver

    channeldvorak – not pretty but it’s got all the good stuff


    I’ve been twittering for a bit.  I tweeted @dvorak about his great podcasts and columns.  Have you seen  If John get his son Arick to open source this, I’ll use it.  I’m already rocking and rolling with Arick’s other open source project which has something to do with Craigslist.  Sssshhh!

    Lyn Bender just sent me a cryptic email about some kind of cryptic event Saturday morning.  If I can talk Dot in to going to Nia Saturday morning and do the ride share thing we might have a go.  It would be nice, Lynn, to have a localtion and maybe a couple of details.

    Just got off the skype with rjnagy and he’s still resistant to twitter.  Doesn’t he know this is futile?

    We had a great wordpress meetup recently at with Any Skelton or skeltoac everywhere.

    While I am typing this I am talking to a delightful Spring rep, Josey, from the Phillipines who just set up my pda phone which I’m going to use for a backup for my iphone.  She was really, really nice.  I wish all support calls were like this!

    I’m building a “social network” for Austin, Texas and also working on a green home site.  If you want to beta test or have input on the Austin Social Network, go to and sign up for the beta.  If you’re actually in Austin, Texas we’re going to have some cool events coming up for our beta testers like pizza parties, basketball games, guest speakers, presentations, etc. It’s going to be a hoot!

    ptw out






    scoutle – a blog community


    Scoutlelogo You’ll notice another widget in the lower right column of this blog, it’s scoutle and I recommend you check it out and add me as your friend so we can compare notes.  I found this in Louisvillian Tom Osborne’s profilactic mashup this morning.   As far as I can tell, this came out of the Netherlands and it’s designed to be a blog community.

    This is where you can find me on Scoutle

    I started a blog network for Austin, Texas also.  One member so far, me.

    To quote Wicked Pretty, who has quite a following on Scoutle, “I particularly like the animated one, Scoutle. You have a little Scout (who you get to name and give a catchphrase) and he “wanders the internet” looking for people to match to your blog…I don’t really understand how it all works, so if you’re the kind . . . “

    Is this the next big thing?  It could get pretty big from what I’ve seen.  If these guys hit it hard and listen to their community they’ve got a great start.

    Here’s the description of Scoutle by the creators:

    Scoutle is an automated social network for bloggers and functions as an ideal Guide for internet users to find a valuable blog, no matter the language, subject or location.

    Scoutle helps you find, promote and connect blogs using an automated rating and matching system. Not only find a blog easily, but also know what a blog is worth and discover similar blogs.
    Scoutle searches, matches, validates and values… You only need to find a blog or as a user, make sure your blog is and keeps interesting.

    Scoble in Austin, BBQ?


    Just dm’ed Robert Scoble on twitter – he’s @scobleizer – about a possible bbq meet up today or tomorrow.

    @rocmanusa and I are going to Austin, TX tomorrow. No partying, just videos. Sigh. BBQ? Gotta fit that into our tight schedule. – Scoble

    Iron Works? Salt Lick? County Line on Bee Caves? Artz Rib House?

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